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"Modern life is too quick and competitive, changes are rapid, and karate helps us see past the world around us and into ourselves. Our pace of living keeps us looking ahead; karate helps us rediscover ourselves. Studying kata is like basic education and kumite is the final examination. The only diploma is using karate in everyday life."

-Mr. Shojiro Koyama
    ISKF Spotlight Magazine


One of the most popular martial arts, Shotokan karate helps create balance and harmony within the human being through physical, mental and psychological training. More than just a method of combat, karate emphasizes self-discipline, positive attitude and high moral purpose. It is a way to achieve physical well-being, self-defense for both adults and children.

Sterian Tuluceanu, 6th (Roku) Dan, and Marian Tuluceanu, 6th (Roku) Dan, the instructors for the Shotokan Fudokan Karate-do of Northern Virginia (SFKNV), have earned reputations of patience, wisdom and of having the amazing ability to breakdown and to clearly communicate complicated martial arts techniques. It's their abilities to understand the intention and the passion of each movement and its relationship to the human body that makes these classes unique.

The study of Shotokan karate is more than "kick and punch".  Karate is a way of life, a personal code of self-discipline, personal strength and respect.  Both children and adults benefit from the training.

Shotokan Fudokan Karate-do of Northern Virginia (SFKNV) is a member of the USA Traditional Fudokan-Shotokan Karate-do Federation, and the American Amateur Karate Federation (AAKF).